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Lethargy may be a sign of some diseases such as the liver

Drowsiness may be a sign of some diseases such as the liver. If you can't overcome the problem of sleepiness, even if you are sleepy and uncontrollable during the day, you should pay attention to it! In fact, uncontrollable sleepiness has been upgraded to sleepiness. Your body may be suffering from a disease or is suffering from a disease, and is protesting to you with sleepiness signals. Therefore, both beautiful women and handsome men should quickly find out the reason for their drowsiness, so as not to be permanently entangled with the "disease". So, what diseases are the signs of sleepiness?

1、 Sleepiness with pale complexion may be anemia

1. Causes and symptoms: in the era of over nutrition, although anemia has been significantly reduced than before, anemia is still not uncommon. Fatigue, drowsiness is the most common symptoms of anemia, may also be accompanied by dizziness, headache, tinnitus, dizziness, inattention and so on. These symptoms are caused by anemia leading to muscle or nervous system hypoxia. Although modern people are rich in food, due to absorption, cooking and other reasons, the absorption of iron and some amino acids is still not enough for the body, which may lead to anemia.

2. Solution: iron. Appear afore-mentioned symptom can check a blood routine or anaemia to the hospital 4 can diagnose definitely. As far as possible to remove the causes of iron deficiency and anemia, etiological treatment is of great significance to correct the effect of anemia, speed and prevent its recurrence. Iron therapy was given when necessary.

2、 Sleepy and unresponsive is a serious lack of oxygen in the brain

1. Causes and symptoms of the disease: in addition to drowsiness, fatigue and drowsiness caused by long-term cerebral hypoxia, it can also produce a series of mental and neurological symptoms, such as memory loss, abnormal behavior, personality change, etc. sometimes it seems to be a bit 'dazed, slow reaction'. The brain is the control center of the whole body, and the oxygen consumption of the brain accounts for 25% of the total oxygen consumption of the whole body! Nowadays, many offices are often located in buildings, and the air is not ventilated, which also easily leads to chronic hypoxia of the brain.

2. Solutions: aerobic exercise and deep breathing. We should actively look for the causes of cerebral hypoxia, and actively treat if there are organic diseases in the body. Actively improve the working environment, ventilation, actively participate in aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, deep breathing, etc.

3、 Sleepy and yellow skin is a liver problem

1. Causes and symptoms of the disease: Recently, the Ministry of Health issued a regulation that the unit physical examination or enrollment will no longer be compulsory to check hepatitis B. A lot of hepatitis B patients are relieved at last, and they also begin to socialize actively. They are also bold in drinking, but they gradually feel tired, accompanied by yellowing, rough skin, loss of appetite, greasiness, nausea and so on.

2. Solution: eat less oil. The liver is an important organ that needs to be nurtured. The work of the liver is very hard. Therefore, we should try our best to reduce the burden on the liver. Among them, alcohol is harmful to the liver. Therefore, for people with liver diseases, alcohol must be given up. Long term consumption of oily food will lead to the occurrence of fatty liver, so it is necessary to control the intake of fat. If you feel tired, tired and sleepy for a long time, please see a doctor in time to avoid liver disease.

4、 Sleepiness and difficulty waking up are the causes of diabetes

1. Causes and symptoms of the disease: long term cerebral hypoxia can not only cause drowsiness, fatigue and drowsiness, but also produce a series of physical fatigue and always feel sleepy. In fact, diabetic patients are twice as likely to have daytime sleepiness as other people. Because diabetes is a metabolic disease, the manifestations of this disease are diverse and lack of specificity. Daytime long-term fatigue, sleepiness, may also be diabetes is happening.

2. Solution: check blood sugar. Regular examination of blood glucose, pay attention to the annual physical examination activities organized by the unit, if blood glucose is at the critical value, the doctor will recommend further examination, such as glucose tolerance test, early diagnosis and active treatment, so that blood glucose control at a normal level is the most important method.

5、 Sleepiness and snoring are sleep related breathing disorders

1. Causes and symptoms: in addition to daytime drowsiness, fatigue and drowsiness, sleep disordered breathing will snore like thunder at night, accompanied by intermittent cessation of breathing. The reason of drowsiness and fatigue is body hypoxia caused by sleep apnea. Body hypoxia can make all organs of the body not get a good rest. Frequent apnea interrupts deep sleep and leads to the decline of sleep quality.

2. Solution: change sleeping position. Change the sleeping posture. If used to supine position sleep, then change the position to lateral position, snoring symptoms will be relieved. If necessary, seek help from a doctor for sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome monitoring.

6、 Waking up and tired is a sign of heart disease

1. Causes and symptoms: fatigue and fatigue are common symptoms of various heart diseases. Heart disease can make blood circulation is not smooth, metabolic waste (mainly lactic acid) can accumulate in the tissue, stimulate nerve endings, make people tired. Fatigue can be light or heavy, light can not care, heavy can hinder the work. But heart disease fatigue has no particularity, it is difficult to distinguish from fatigue caused by other diseases. In addition, in addition to fatigue, there will be shortness of breath and other symptoms.

2. Solutions: lose weight, eat a reasonable diet. Prevention of heart disease, weight control and quitting smoking are important. Reasonable diet is recommended to achieve 'three low', that is, low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol. Moderate exercise: it is beneficial to enhance the heart function, promote the normal metabolism of the body, especially to promote fat metabolism and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

7、 Sleepiness during menstruation is a sign of weakness

1. Causes and symptoms of the disease: according to traditional Chinese medicine, sleepiness during menstruation is mostly caused by spleen deficiency and dampness, deficiency of Qi and blood, or loss of kidney essence. Menstrual sleepiness caused by deficiency of Qi and blood is more common in women with weak body. It is characterized by lack of Qi, lazy speech, fatigue, dizziness and palpitation.

2. Solutions: strengthen exercise and pay attention to diet. Women who are sleepy and sleepy should pay attention to strengthening physical exercise, such as jogging, playing ball and Taijiquan. They should choose a kind of exercise they like and stick to it for a long time. In the diet to eat less sweet and high fat food. In summer, you can eat a little more watermelon, in winter, you can eat a little more sweet radish, and you can also drink congee with adzuki bean and coix seed. Generally speaking, women who have experienced sleepiness can achieve satisfactory therapeutic effect as long as they pay attention to their life and take drugs on time under the guidance of doctors.

8、 Lethargy and numbness of fingers are the precursor of cerebral hemorrhage

1. Causes and symptoms of the disease: middle aged men - once they have unexplained drowsiness and drowsiness - must attach great importance to it, which may be the precursor of ischemic stroke. The accelerated pace of modern life has caused the incidence rate of cerebrovascular diseases in middle-aged people to increase significantly. If the danger of cerebral vessels is in danger, the brain will have problems of supplying blood and oxygen and symptoms of drowsiness and fatigue. In addition, there will be numbness of fingers, unexplained falls, changes in mental state and other precursors.

2. Solution: don't be tired. For patients with coronary heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, to actively treat and control. Blood pressure, blood sugar and blood viscosity should be measured regularly to avoid overwork. Eat more protein and vitamin food, avoid long-term mental stress, pay attention to the combination of mental work and physical work.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the problem that sleepiness may be a sign of liver and other diseases. More topics about liver health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!