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How to preserve walnut kernel

How to preserve walnuts? Perhaps many people don't know that such food has a unique way of preservation. Therefore, it can't be placed at will after purchase, so that its taste will change when it is eaten. Walnut kernel has high medicinal value and is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine believes that walnuts are warm, sweet and non-toxic. They have the effects of strengthening stomach, nourishing blood, moistening lung and nourishing spirit. Shennong's herbal classic lists walnuts as the top grade for long-term service, light body, Qi and longevity. The medicinal value of walnut is mainly concentrated in kernel. Meng Shen of Tang Dynasty wrote in the "therapeutic Materia Medica". Eating walnuts can appetize and moisten blood vessels. After walnut shelling, the appearance of walnut kernel has a layer of brown skin, which has a bitter taste. How to preserve walnuts? 1. Dry storage. Put the peeled walnuts in a dry and ventilated place to dry. When the skin of walnuts and walnuts are not easy to separate and the color is consistent, they can be taken out for storage. Then put it into linen bags or sandbags to keep it clean. Then put it in a ventilated place. It's best to ensure that it won't be crushed. But also to prevent rodents, pests and other phenomena. 2、 Another good method of wet storage is wet storage. In a dry and well drained land, dig a hole one meter long and wide, then put it on the ground with clean gauze, then put the walnut kernel in, and then cover it with a layer of gauze. Then put a thin tube every 5cm on the walnut kernel for ventilation. Then open a drainage ditch nearby to prevent too much rain from causing moldy walnut kernel, and then fill the hole with wet sand. Generally, it can be preserved for one year. 3、 Plastic bags are hidden because walnut kernel is a kind of dried fruit food. If it is not handled properly, it will lead to oxidation of oxygen in the air and mildew of walnut kernel. Generally, choose a plastic bag, put walnuts in it, then let the plastic bag inflate, and then rush into carbon dioxide gas to reduce the concentration of oxygen. Then put it in a low temperature environment, and ensure that the air humidity is low. 4、 Refrigerated walnut kernel can also be stored by refrigeration, because it is easy to produce insects and deteriorate in spring and summer. It's best to put walnuts in a linen bag, because the linen bag has good ventilation, and then refrigerate them in a low-temperature refrigerator. It can ensure that the pulp tissue in walnut kernel is not oxidized and achieve the best storage effect. (ZenMeBaoCunHeTaoRen)