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Fire dragon fruit can reduce fire or get angry

Fire dragon fruit reduces fire. Pitaya is a cool fruit. Eating pitaya can reduce fire, but the effect is not very obvious. Pitaya is the king of fruits. Its shape looks like durian. In fact, this fruit is very nutritious. Pitaya fruit is a fruit with high fiber and low energy. Eating pitaya fruit can lose weight, reduce cholesterol and prevent colorectal cancer. The iron content of pitaya fruit is higher than that of ordinary fruits. Pitaya fruit can also promote the function of gastrointestinal digestion. Pitaya is rich in minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, zinc and so on.

Pitaya fruit has the effects of clearing heat, moistening lung, protecting throat and relieving cough. Pitaya is also a low-fat, low calorie and high fiber fruit. Many sisters use it as a snack for weight loss and beauty. But do not eat the elderly with diabetes, pitaya sugar content is very high. 100 Kerry contains 7.83 grams of sugar.

Food taboos of pitaya fruit:

1. People with diarrhea should not eat pitaya, which is slightly cooler. People with deficiency cold constitution with pale complexion, weak limbs and frequent diarrhea should not eat more.

2. Women should not eat too much pitaya if their constitution is weak and cold.

3. When you come to your aunt, don't eat women. It's not suitable to eat pitaya during menstruation to avoid poor menstruation.

4. These people should eat less qi depression, phlegm dampness and blood stasis.

5. Pregnant women should eat carefully. Pitaya is rich in plant albumin, and pregnant women with allergic constitution should eat carefully.

6. It's best not to eat pitaya with milk. It's not suitable to eat pitaya with milk, so as not to affect digestion. (HuoLongGuoJiangHuoHaiShiShangHuoDe)