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How can lettuce be washed before it is eaten raw

It needs to be soaked in salt water for 20 minutes and washed with water for several times. Lettuce is the common name of leaf lettuce, also known as goose dish, mark dish and lettuce dish. The leaves are obovate and form cabbage shaped leaf balls when dense. They can be eaten raw, crisp, tender, refreshing and slightly sweet. Lettuce is native to the Mediterranean coast of Europe and was first eaten by ancient Greeks and Romans. How to clean lettuce before eating it? Lettuce likes cold and cool environment and is not resistant to cold and heat. According to the growth form of leaves, it can be divided into heading lettuce, wrinkled leaf lettuce and upright lettuce.

In addition to being eaten raw, lettuce can also be made into oyster sauce lettuce, oyster sauce garlic lettuce, fermented bean curd lettuce, shredded lettuce and egg fried rice, cold lettuce, vegetable fried lettuce, etc.

Lettuce contains lettuce, mannitol, interferon inducer, protocatechuic acid, vitamin E, carotene, dietary fiber and other nutrients. (ShengCaiZenMeQingXiCaiNengShengChi)