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How should autumn prevent rhinitis and pay attention to health care?

Autumn should be how to prevent rhinitis, pay attention to health care? Autumn dry weather, germs flooding, rhinitis patients in this special period can be sure to pay attention to their own health care, to prevent relapse, to introduce you a few moves rhinitis health care methods, even if it is chronic rhinitis, good health care can also cure.

Health care methods for rhinitis

After suffering from rhinitis, once you catch a cold, it's very uncomfortable. As the saying goes, "eyes hurt and nose hurt". Try to massage around your eyes with your fingers, slowly massage the orbital bone under your eyes, and rub it more than 200 times a day. It will take effect after a period of time.

The treatment of rhinitis can also choose scallion, take an onion, wash clean, take the scallion inside, smash and grind into paste, first clean the nostrils with salt water, put the cotton swab dipped with Scallion juice into the nostrils, until the irritation disappears, change another cotton swab, adhere to about 30 minutes a day, convenient and effective.

The treatment of rhinitis is not a matter of one or two days, it needs long-term adherence, and we should pay special attention to the usual living habits, so as to prevent the bad habits from aggravating the disease. Here is a detailed introduction to the daily health care methods of rhinitis.

1. Try to avoid getting angry

The balance of yin and Yang of the body will be impressed by the fire. The internal fire is strong, which is easy to cause some inflammation. The nasal congestion and sore throat caused by long-term fire can cause rhinitis.

2. Avoid raw and cold food

Often eating raw, cold and spicy food will hinder the function of the spleen and stomach and cause the disharmony of the endocrine system.

3. Try to stay away from animals

Rhinitis patients should try to avoid contact with pets, animal hair will lead to some people's allergic system disorder, most of the symptoms of rhinitis are allergic, so we should try to avoid these sensitive things.

4. Keep the quilt clean

When people sleep at night, their body functions are in the weakest state, and their immunity is also the lowest. When they sleep, they are in direct contact with the quilt, and the unclean quilt is easy to make people inhale unclean dust, bacteria, etc., aggravating the disease.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of how to prevent rhinitis and pay attention to health care in autumn. Today we will introduce here, and more topics about rhinitis prevention and health care will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!