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How does winter dietotherapy recuperate sinusitis?

How does winter dietotherapy recuperate sinusitis? How does chronic sinusitis winter dietotherapy nurse? What are the precautions of chronic sinusitis diet in winter? What food does sinusitis eat more good?

Sinuses are small air filled chambers in the bones around the eyes and nose. Under normal circumstances, mucus produced by the mucous membrane on the surface of the sinuses will flow to the nasal cavity through narrow channels. However, if you have a cold or abscess on the upper teeth, the infection will spread to the paranasal sinuses along the foramen, causing the nasal mucosa to swell, blocking the foramen, preventing the mucus from flowing out, leading to nasal congestion and cheek pain.

Acute sinusitis is usually caused by infection. If the diet can provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to enhance the body's resistance, it will help the body recover and prevent the disease from worsening. Chronic sinusitis may be caused by sensations or allergies to certain foods, leading to mucosal swelling. In addition, the inhalation of car exhaust, smoking, nose injury and suffering from hay fever can also lead to sinus diseases. Once there is a problem with the sinuses, ask the doctor to make a correct diagnosis.

Patients should eat more whole grains, beans and nuts to get vitamin B, which is helpful to maintain normal immune function; Also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to get enough vitamin C. Citrus fruits, grapes and blackberries are particularly beneficial because they also contain bioflavonoids, which, in combination with vitamin C, maintain the health of microvessels. Bioflavonoids also have anti-inflammatory effects. Vitamin E can also promote immune function.

Natural decongestants also help. They include raw or cooked onions and garlic, as well as herbs and condiments such as ginger, thyme, elderberry, horseradish, cloves and cinnamon.

After reading the above, how do you treat sinusitis in winter? This problem should be some understanding, more about the topic of food therapy nursing chronic sinusitis, Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce in the next article, welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!