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Is calculus related to brushing teeth

Some patients may be confused, saying that they usually pay attention to personal hygiene, brush their teeth every day or have dental calculus? Many people have doubts, what's the matter? Don't worry, we ask the dental experts to give us a detailed introduction.

In fact, the calculus can't be removed by brushing. The calculus is usually yellow brown or black around the neck of the teeth. It is hard and can cause ischemia and anoxia of the gums by pressing the gums for a long time, causing inflammation and bleeding of the gums, and even causing annoying halitosis. If it is allowed to develop, the periodontal tissue will be destroyed, gradually forming periodontitis, and the teeth will be easy to loosen.

Dental calculus is firmly attached to the tooth surface. Brushing can only slow down the formation of dental calculus, but it can not prevent the formation of dental calculus, nor can it remove dental calculus. The fastest way to remove dental calculus is to let the dentist do a thorough cleaning, which is often referred to as tooth washing. This method is to remove dental calculus from the tooth surface by using ultrasonic or manual equipment, such as If there are smoke spots, they can also be washed away at the same time.

The best way to treat calculus is to wash teeth with ultrasonic wave. This method is to use the concussion produced by ultrasonic wave to loosen and fall off calculus, so as to achieve the purpose of removing calculus. Some patients' original crevices are filled with a large number of calculus, which may lead to the expansion of crevices after tooth washing, even lead to air leakage, and some people's teeth are sensitive to cold and heat after tooth washing.