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Can oral ulcer eat chafing dish in winter?

Can oral ulcer eat chafing dish in winter? Oral ulcer, also known as' aphthous ulcer ', is a kind of superficial ulcer occurring on the oral mucosa. The size of the ulcer can range from rice to soybean, and it is round or oval. The surface of the ulcer is concave with congestion around it.

Oral ulcer has the characteristics of periodicity, recurrence and self limitation, which often occurs in lip, cheek and tongue. Who do you like to find for oral ulcer?

Cold weather to eat hot pot more people, coupled with increased social intercourse, oral patients are also more up.

A recurrent ulcer attack of Mr. Wang told reporters that at the end of the year too much entertainment, he often is eating while spraying watermelon frost. Doctors say that if you are prone to worry and anger at ordinary times, if you are too fat in your diet, and if you are addicted to tobacco, alcohol and coffee, it will lead to heat accumulation in the heart and spleen, stagnant heat in the lung and stomach, and heat accumulation in the liver and gallbladder. You can achieve good results by promoting defecation and taking some heat clearing and detoxification drugs.

If you usually overwork, recurrent oral ulcer is a deficiency syndrome. Oral ulcer should pay attention to eat less or no spicy or irritating food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and foods rich in vitamins, avoid eating foods that are easy to cause allergies. Regular daily life, avoid overwork and tension, quit drinking alcohol, drink less strong tea.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding about whether oral ulcer can eat hot pot in winter. More topics about oral ulcer eating hot pot will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!