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How to form good habits and protect eyesight for computer users?

How can computer users form good habits to protect their eyesight? Good eye habits can also help relieve your eyestrain by changing the computer. The background color of all computers is white, especially dazzling, causing eye fatigue upgrade.

Xiaomi has been working in the post of network editor for five years. In the face of massive updated information eight hours a day, Xiaomi has not only deepened his myopia, but also appeared the symptoms of tears, fatigue and even nausea. A pair of beautiful big eyes have been eclipsed. These symptoms are the sequelae of excessive eye use of computer users. How to relieve eye fatigue requires computer users to learn and develop good healthy eye use habits.

Follow the master to move your eyes, nourish your mind and strengthen your health

The computer people must have forgotten all the eye exercises they used in childhood. If you can pick up these traditional eye exercises again and do them once or twice a day for a few minutes, eye fatigue can also be effectively alleviated. If you can't find the memory of eye exercises, the eye health care method of he Puren, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, is also worth learning for office workers. Mr. He, 84, doesn't need to wear presbyopic glasses to read books now, and he can also lead a needle, which makes people admire him.

Eye care method is very simple, is often do eye care therapy: close your eyes, eyes clockwise 36 circles, and then counter clockwise 36 circles. After finishing, use both hands to press the Chengqi acupoint (in the middle of the lower orbit) and gently rub it back and forth.

The traditional Chinese medicine principle of this method is that the liver opens its orifices to the eyes, and there is a problem in the eyesight, that is, the liver blood can not nourish the eyes. Through the movement of the eyes and rubbing Chengqi point, the blood around the eyes can be unblocked, so as to improve their eyesight and relieve eye fatigue. The method is simple and easy to learn, need to persevere, believe that the sequelae of eye fatigue is no longer 'entangled' busy you.

It's better to gaze than to overuse your eyes

If you want to have a pair of bright eyes, you should not only do eye exercises, but also develop a good habit of using eyes. Experts believe that one of the most effective and safe ways to relieve visual fatigue is to use the eye for about 45 minutes and then take a 10 minute long-range rest. Look for a grass or green tree 10 meters away. Because the green wavelength is short, the imaging is before the retina, which can promote the relaxation of eye regulation and ciliary muscle relaxation, and reduce eye fatigue.

Don't squint or blink, eliminate distractions, concentrate and gaze for 25 seconds, and recognize the outline of grass or leaves. 2-3 times a day. The method of overlooking the distance can make the eyes get a moderate rest, health management and reasonable use of eyes.

In addition, more green plants can be placed beside the computer, which can not only prevent radiation, but also nourish the eyes and strengthen the spirit. Green makes the optic nerve feel most comfortable. A few pots of small plants can also let you shuttle through the reinforced concrete to find a little green light.

Use your fingers to change the background color to protect your eyes

In addition to good eye habits, it can also help relieve your visual fatigue by changing the computer. The background color of all computers is white, especially dazzling, causing eye fatigue upgrade. Although you can take a long rest after using the computer, some people still forget to complete the eye care work when they are busy. How can busy people find a lazy way to protect their eyes? A good method is recommended, which is to spread the secret book of eye care in the office, and turn the background color into grass green, so as to minimize the damage to their eyes.

Click the right mouse button on the desktop to come out a menu, select the 'properties' at the bottom, and then click' appearance 'in the upper line, and then click' advanced '. Then a dialog box will come out. There is a drop-down menu under' item ', click' window ', and then a color box will come out on the right, which is usually white. Click the drop-down menu of color, and select' other '. This is the best way There will be a lot of colors and a lot of numbers on the right. Set the hue to '85', the saturation to '90', and the brightness to '205'. Then click 'OK' in turn until the 'please wait' dialog box appears on the desktop.

In this way, the background color of the computer will become light green, and the eyes will no longer be stimulated by strong white. By changing the working environment to protect the eyes, it can alleviate the discomfort caused by long-term computer use.