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The harm of high myopia astigmatism

The harm of high myopia astigmatism

1、 The harm of high myopia

The prevalence of high myopia is high, about 1%. High myopia can cause many serious complications, most of which will lead to blindness. It is one of the common causes of blindness in adults, accounting for the sixth place in China. The main complications were as follows

1. Posterior scleral staphyloma: the incidence was 77. 1%。 The main manifestations were retrodilation of the posterior pole of the eyeball, degeneration and atrophy of the optic nerve and perimacular retina, and decreased corrected visual acuity. The higher the myopia degree, the higher the incidence of posterior scleral staphyloma.

2. Atrophic degeneration, hemorrhage and hole of retina: due to the lengthening of eye axis, posterior scleral staphyloma and other factors, high myopia patients are prone to retinal degeneration and hole, resulting in bleeding and retinal detachment, leading to blindness.

3. Retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma: due to scleral expansion and retinal degeneration, the incidence of retinal detachment in high myopia is 7-8 times higher than that in non high myopia. The incidence of high myopia complicated with cataract and glaucoma is also higher than that of normal people.

4. Subretinal neovascularization: 5% - 40%. It is manifested as subretinal neovascularization in the posterior pole, causing hemorrhage and affecting vision.

High myopia will not only affect daily life, but also bring many complications to patients, such as retinal detachment, cataract, macular hemorrhage and macular degeneration, vitreous liquefaction degeneration, glaucoma, etc., and the higher the degree, the greater the possibility of complications, and even lead to blindness and eye atrophy. Severe and impulsive head movements, such as football, basketball, diving, weightlifting, braking, etc., may cause retinal detachment. If you don't pay attention to eating a lot of spicy food and drinking alcohol, it will cause repeated bleeding of fundus macula.

2、 Harm of high astigmatism

The cause of astigmatism was corneal curvature. Most are congenital formation, but individual eyelid long chalazion long-term compression of the eyeball will also appear astigmatism. Astigmatism has myopic hyperopia, or a diameter line is hyperopia, the other diameter line is myopic so-called mixed astigmatism. If high astigmatism is not corrected, it is easy to cause headache, eye acid and other phenomena, and it is also easy to cause bad posture such as head tilt; therefore, severe astigmatism must be corrected. Astigmatism is usually corrected with ordinary glasses or contact lenses. Astigmatism is generally congenital, but there are also some acquired individual reasons can cause strabismus, the simplest example is: trauma and eyelid chalazion are not treated in time, long-term compression of the eyeball caused by the harm of astigmatism. In some cases, astigmatism will also be combined with pseudomyopia. At this time, the part of pseudomyopia should be removed and the astigmatism should be corrected with glasses.