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How to choose medicine for high incidence of skin diseases in early summer

Summer skin disease high incidence, must not be used at will, in the choice of drugs, according to the cause of disease, skin damage characteristics and age to choose the most appropriate drug.

According to the cause of disease selection

For example, antibacterial drugs should be used for bacterial infectious skin diseases such as pustular sores and folliculitis; antifungal drugs should be selected for fungal infectious skin diseases such as tinea manus and tinea versicolor; antiviral drugs should be selected for viral skin diseases such as herpes simplex; and corticosteroids can be appropriately selected for non infectious skin inflammation such as eczema and neurodermatitis.

According to the characteristics of skin damage

Facial and pudendal skin is relatively thin and tender, so it is not suitable to choose high concentration and high irritation drugs. In particular, the face, should choose some use will not leave pigment spots of drugs. Another example is the skin hair more parts, especially the scalp, if the use of ointment is not convenient, and the use of liquid preparations can achieve satisfactory results.

There are many kinds of formulations for external use, such as solution, tincture, powder, lotion, oil agent, emulsion, ointment, paste and gel, etc. currently, the skin drugs used on the market are mainly emulsion and ointment. Different dosage forms have different physical effects, so the characteristics of skin damage are different, and the dosage forms selected are also different. If acute inflammatory lesions, only erythematous papules and no erosion, can choose powder and lotion; severe inflammation, erosion and exudation more, can choose solution wet compress; subacute inflammatory skin exudation less, can use oil; dry desquamation should use emulsion or paste; chronic inflammatory lesions can choose ointment, emulsion, paste, etc.

Choose according to age

Because the skin characteristics of people of different ages are different. For example, the skin of infants and young children is relatively tender, while the skin of adults, especially men, is relatively thick. Therefore, when choosing drugs for infants and young children, we should choose drugs with small irritation, mild effect and few side effects. However, if the adults with relatively thick skin only use these drugs, they can not achieve satisfactory treatment effect.

In addition, patients must read the instructions carefully when choosing drugs, so as to find out the main ingredients, indications and possible adverse reactions of drugs. They should choose drugs according to their own skin and disease conditions. They should not think that the more beautiful and expensive the package is, the better the curative effect will be, nor the more complex the drug ingredients, The more indications, the more drugs will be suitable for you.

If you have chosen a good drug, you must master the use method of the drug before use. Single drug should not be used locally for a long time to avoid drug resistance. Finally, I remind you that in the process of using skin topical drugs, if the original skin lesions worsen or the nature of skin lesions changes, you should immediately stop the drug and go to the hospital for treatment without delay.