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What kind of tea do you drink in winter?

What kind of tea do you drink in winter? Nowadays, there are many kinds of tea drinks with complete functions. Many white-collar women who love beauty can try these five tea drinks, which can not only whiten, but also reduce radiation damage from computers. Let's introduce what kind of tea to drink in winter.

It is advisable to drink petal tea in spring: the weather is mild and the Yang Qi rises. It is advisable to choose petal tea materials that stimulate the senses and have strong aroma, which can help distribute the cold evil accumulated in the body in winter, generate the Yang Qi of the human body, nourish the liver and gallbladder, and dredge the meridians, such as roses, jasmine and chrysanthemum.

It is advisable to drink herbal tea in summer: the weather is hot and Yang is strong. It is advisable to choose herbal tea materials with tea sedimentation, clear and bitter tea gas and cool feeling, so as to eliminate annoyance, quench thirst and tonify the intestines and stomach, such as green tea and mint tea.

Fruits are suitable for tea in autumn: the weather is dry, the Yang Qi is weakening, and the Yin Qi is rising. It is appropriate to choose fruits with convergent nature into tea to eliminate waste heat in the body, relieve cough and phlegm, nourish lung and Yin, such as kumquat, pineapple and oolong tea.

Rhizomes are suitable for drinking tea in winter: the weather is cold and Yin Qi tends to be prosperous. Rhizome tea materials with warm tea quality and pungent tea Qi should be selected to expel cold and tonify Yang, such as asparagus, black tea and Tieguanyin.

After reading the above content, we should know something about what tea to drink in winter. More about what tea to drink in winter, will continue to introduce it in the next article. Welcome to check it. Wish you a happy life!