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What can eat to improve skin quality, prevent allergy?

What can eat to improve skin texture, prevent skin allergy? The beginning of winter has passed, and the weather changes greatly. Some people may not be able to adapt for a while, and are prone to allergic symptoms. If allergic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and other allergic diseases occur. How to fight allergy in winter? Food and medicine is not tonic, winter anti allergy eat Flammulina velutipes, allergic dermatitis has a good anti allergic effect.

Winter skin allergy, eat more Flammulina velutipes

With the advent of November, autumn dryness continues, and the ensuing allergic dermatitis makes allergic beauties feel uneasy. Allergic dermatitis is a skin disease caused by allergens. It mainly refers to skin diseases such as redness, swelling, itching, wheezing, peeling, etc. caused by human contact with certain allergens.

Allergic dermatitis is especially 'partial' to women. Dry and irritable weather in autumn will increase the risk of allergic dermatitis. However, for women, the most worrying thing is to suffer from upper allergic dermatitis, which will cause all kinds of harm to women's beauty and even physical and mental health.

And Flammulina velutipes is known as' Alpinia oxyphylla 'and' Alpinia oxyphylla 'in Japan. At that time, the cartoon "smart Yixiu" was widely spread. Yixiu became the general name of smart children. Some people called Flammulina velutipes "Yixiu mushroom".

Flammulina velutipes is a kind of edible and medicinal mushroom with delicious taste and rich in protein, crude fiber and B vitamins. The content of lysine and arginine in Flammulina velutipes is particularly rich, and the zinc content is high, both of which can promote children's intellectual development and growth.

From the point of view of modern nutrition and medicine, it is a kind of food with high protein, low carbohydrate, high potassium and low sodium, and rich in cellulose and unsaturated fatty acids; Regular consumption can reduce cholesterol, inhibit the rise of blood lipids, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; It is also conducive to the balanced absorption and utilization of various nutrients in food;

It can effectively enhance the vitality of the body, prevent liver disease and gastric and intestinal ulcers, resist fatigue and delay the aging of the body. It is especially suitable for patients with hypertension, obese people and middle-aged and elderly people.

It has long been found that Flammulina velutipes contains mushroom polysaccharides and other substances, which can improve human immunity, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor. Last year, Singapore researchers found that Flammulina velutipes stem contains a protein that can inhibit allergic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis and eczema. People who are not sick can also strengthen their immune system by eating Flammulina velutipes.

After reading the above content, you should know something about what can improve skin texture and prevent skin allergy. More topics about improving skin texture and preventing skin allergy will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!