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What symptom does head injury epilepsy have? How does head injury epilepsy treat?

What are the symptoms of brain injury epilepsy? How to treat brain injury epilepsy? Can brain injury epilepsy be cured? For patients with epilepsy, the disease brings a lot of trouble, many patients' normal life is affected by the disease. So, what are the symptoms of brain injury epilepsy?

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents, the brain is often injured, and there are more and more cases of post-traumatic epilepsy. But this kind of brain injury epilepsy is generally seen in adults. So what are the symptoms of epilepsy after brain injury? Let's have a detailed understanding.

Brain trauma epilepsy is a kind of post-traumatic epilepsy, which is a complication of brain injury. The incidence rate ranges from 0.5% to 50%: early epilepsy and late epilepsy. Early epilepsy usually occurs within 1 week after injury, accounting for 5%, of which 1 / 3 occurs within 1 hour after injury, 1 / 3 within 24 hours, and 1 / 3 within 2-7 days after injury. The etiology may be caused by intracranial hemorrhage, depressed fracture stimulation, brain injury healing and secondary brain injury. The importance of early epilepsy is that it is a predictor of late epilepsy. About 25% of early epilepsy patients develop late epilepsy. Late stage epilepsy occurs more than one week to several years after injury. This kind of epilepsy is mostly caused by scar formation of brain tissue, brain atrophy and intracranial complications (such as hematoma, brain abscess, etc.).

1. Generalized tonic clonic seizures (seizures): sudden loss of consciousness, followed by tonic clonic spasm. It is often accompanied by screaming, cyanosis, urinary incontinence, tongue bite, white foam or blood foam at the mouth, and mydriasis. After several seconds or several minutes, the spasm stops naturally and goes into a state of lethargy. Wake up after a short period of dizziness, irritability, fatigue, can not recall the attack process. If the attack continues, has been in a coma state, said the big attack continued state, often dangerous and life.

2. Absence seizure: sudden interruption of mental activity, loss of consciousness, myoclonus or automatism. A few seconds to more than ten seconds. EEG showed spike slow wave or sharp slow wave syndrome 3 times per second.

3. Simple partial seizure: tonic, clonic seizure or paresthesia seizure of a certain part or one side of the limb, which lasts for a short time and has clear consciousness. If the range of attack extends along the motor area to other limbs or the whole body, it can be accompanied by loss of consciousness, which is called Jackson attack. After attack, the affected limb may have temporary paralysis, which is called Todd paralysis.

4. The symptoms of epilepsy after brain trauma are complex partial seizures (psychomotor seizures): psychosensory, psychomotor and mixed seizures. Most of them have different degrees of consciousness disorder and obvious thinking, perception, emotion and psychomotor disorder. There may be automatic symptoms such as wandering at night and so on. Sometimes, under the control of hallucination and delusion, violence such as hurting others and self injuring can occur.

(5) type of headache or syncope (5) of vegetative type.

6. The patients without definite etiology were primary epilepsy, and those secondary to intracranial tumor, trauma, infection, parasitic disease, cerebrovascular disease, systemic metabolic disease were secondary epilepsy. The above display is the common symptoms of epilepsy after brain injury.

Through the understanding and cognition of the symptoms of epilepsy after brain injury, we should pay more attention to the health of our brain in our daily life. Remember these symptoms of epilepsy after brain trauma, we should be able to find the disease in advance, and what epilepsy patients should do is not to be too tired, to ensure adequate sleep.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what are the symptoms of epilepsy after brain injury? How to treat epilepsy after brain injury? What are the symptoms of epilepsy after brain injury? How to treat epilepsy after brain injury? Today we will introduce here. More topics about epilepsy after brain injury will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!