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How to carry out night nursing for patients undergoing thoracic surgery

How to carry out night nursing for patients with thoracic surgery, experts pointed out that for those with serious illness, it is easy to get worse at night. At this time, nursing at night becomes particularly important, which requires relatives to cooperate more closely with night patrol nurses and medical students on duty.

1. Strengthen the morning and evening care, give patients spiritual comfort, help them adapt to the new environment. Wash your feet in hot water and drink hot drinks before going to bed. In the morning, we should help the patients to move, make the bed, wash and so on. We should help the nurses to do oral care for the patients with severe diseases and patients with gastric tube. We should adopt appropriate methods to make the patients eat after operation, so as to enhance their resistance.

2. To ensure the rest and sleep of patients is the most basic condition for patients to recover health. Actively create a quiet and comfortable recuperation environment for patients, indoor noise is not loud, no smoking, keep the air fresh, regularly turn off the lights, all movements should be light, it is best to wear soft soled shoes.

3. Always check all kinds of indwelling drainage tube, especially when the patient turns over to check whether there is slippage. Always pay attention to the patient's breath, pulse and other vital signs. If there is any abnormality, contact the doctor and nurse on duty. For critically ill patients, their relatives should not doze off at night. They should be diligent in their eyes, hands and legs, and should not neglect any subtle changes.