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Deal with skin injury calmly

It's hard to avoid bumps and bumps in life. What to do if the skin is injured? When the skin is damaged, it should be handled calmly. A slight cut and a scratch can make the skin appear a wound. If the injured part is on the head and face with abundant blood vessels, even a very small wound, it will also have blood flow, which is frightening.

When the skin is injured, what should we do at this time? Compression hemostasis is the most important. The injured can immediately press the handkerchief, paper roll and cloth on the wound for 3-5 minutes. Don't open it frequently to avoid unnecessary bleeding.

In these minutes, the wounded can calm down to think about the next thing to do, such as removing the blood or dirt around, cutting off the hair in the way, finding out other injuries, looking for disinfected iodine wine, arranging the next emergency treatment measures, etc.

5 minutes later, gently lift the pressure. If it is a small and shallow wound, the bleeding has generally stopped. At this time, it is necessary to use iodine wine to disinfect the inside and outside of the wound without bandaging. After that, apply iodine once or twice a day to avoid contamination with sewage, and scab can be formed in a few days.

The scab shall fall off by itself and shall not be removed intentionally. If the wound is large and deep, even if it is completely hemostatic, it is not easy to heal. It must be disinfected, sutured, bandaged or tightened with butterfly tape to help heal.

The correct post-treatment of skin injury is helpful for the quick healing of skin wound, avoiding the unsightly scar left by the skin due to the wrong care and affecting the image.