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What does autumn dry heat eat to diabetic good?

Early autumn climate is dry, diabetes patients are prone to serious water shortage, which leads to various complications, therefore, sugar friends early autumn diet should pay attention to conditioning. Experts remind sugar friends, diet should run, in the selection of materials should choose to prevent dryness and nourishing Yin products.

Experts suggest that according to the degree of dryness and heat in the weather, Tangyou can choose fruits and vegetables that are cool in nature, produce fluid and moisten dryness, clear away heat and relieve constipation, such as balsam pear, cucumber, lettuce, bamboo shoot, spinach, mushroom, tomato, etc. Because it contains vitamin C, vitamin B, inorganic salt and cellulose, it can improve the adverse effects of dryness on human body, nourish the kidney and moisten the lung.

Experts remind us that when the weather is hot and dry, we should pay special attention to light diet. The food should be less greasy and easy to digest. Regardless of staple food, vegetables, try to use steaming, boiling, stewing and other cooking methods, it is best to use less oil frying, stir frying, so as not to affect the nutritional composition of food.

At the same time, the proportion of carbohydrate, fat, protein and other nutrients should be reasonably arranged based on the control of total calories to maintain a balanced nutritional intake. In addition, sugar friends should ensure no less than three meals a day, eat as much high fiber food as possible, and maintain a stable mood, in order to stabilize blood sugar and smooth stool.