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Can diabetics eat sugar free moon cakes in Mid Autumn Festival?

Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Can diabetics eat sugar free moon cakes? What kind of moon cakes do diabetics eat? When it comes to the annual mid autumn full moon, there are many kinds of moon cakes this autumn. Do sugar free moon cakes really contain no sugar? Can diabetes patients eat sugar free moon cakes? Now we invite experts to introduce this problem.

Sugar free mooncakes use sweeteners instead of sugar

The old people with diabetes used to watch their family eat moon cakes. Others are tired of eating them, but they can only smack their mouths. As a result, the moon cakes, which claim to have no sugar, came out. How sweet is it without sugar? This is the effect of sweeteners such as xylitol. Although the use of sweeteners instead of sucrose can greatly reduce the risk of diabetic patients, don't forget that some fillings themselves contain a lot of sugar, and the dough also contains starch that can be converted into sugar. Although they can obtain sweet taste, they will do harm to human liver and nervous system. So we can't just have a good mouth.

In addition, there is also news that some sugar free moon cakes are just a kind of hype, just replacing the sucrose in them with maltose. This kind of moon cake is also harmful to some people with diabetes.

Now there is also a kind of crystal clear ice skin moon cake, made of glutinous rice flour, very lovely. Some people think that without the oil and sugar of traditional moon cake skin, it will be easier to digest. In fact, glutinous rice is not easy to digest. In addition, it tastes better after freezing, and it is more destructive to the stomach.

Diabetics should be careful to eat sugar free moon cakes

No matter what moon cakes are, they should not be eaten just because they claim to be healthy and natural. Especially don't use it for convenience. Use it for breakfast or supper. When the digestive system starts a new job in the morning, it will aggravate the stomach acid by filling in such indigestible things. Eat before going to bed at night, not only long meat, will also harm the digestive system and night shift.

For diabetics, they can eat a small amount of sugar free moon cakes such as' xylitol 'moon cakes, but remember not to be greedy. In addition, when eating moon cakes, don't eat greasy meat at the same time, so as not to make it more difficult to digest. Try to drink more soup and water. In addition, it's better not to have more than one person with a bad stomach every day, and they should eat it several times.

Moon cake is rich in fat and sugar

Stomach disease, gallbladder disease, hyperlipidemia and other patients should not eat more

Moon cakes in major pastry shops and supermarkets tempt people with more delicate makeup and taste than native moon cakes, but high-end is not necessarily equal to health. Lin Xiu, director of the emergency department of a municipal hospital, said that if you know you have a bad stomach, you still need to eat less moon cakes. Because moon cakes contain a lot of sugar, oil, and a variety of difficult to digest fillings, which will lead to excessive gastric acid secretion. People with stomach diseases often have acid in their stomach, and sweet food can easily aggravate the symptoms of acid in their stomach. In addition to those with a bad stomach, the elderly and children should eat less because of the degradation of digestive function and the fact that they are not healthy.

In addition, director Lin reminded people with liver diseases to eat less moon cakes. The varicose veins at the bottom of esophagus or stomach in patients with liver disease are deformed. When eating dry and thick moon cakes, the burden on the stomach is too heavy, and there is a risk of vascular rupture and massive bleeding. In addition, cholecystitis, gallstones and other gallbladder diseases, the same is true, too heavy burden on the digestive system, will increase the risk of acute pancreatitis.

There are also patients with hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Don't be too greedy for meat and egg yolk moon cakes. This kind of moon cake is especially high in fat, which can easily lead to blood viscosity, high blood pressure and burden on the heart.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the problem of whether diabetics can eat sugar free moon cakes when the Mid Autumn Festival comes. Today, we will introduce here. More topics about diabetes treatment and health care will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!