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Gastric bypass surgery: a milestone in surgical treatment of diabetes mellitus

Focusing on the latest progress of diabetes, the struggle between human and diabetes has experienced four stages.

The first is the application stage of traditional experience. Before the 18th century, due to the backwardness of science and technology, people used local plant, biological and mineral materials as medicine to treat diseases. Because we can't understand diabetes from anatomy and physiology, the treatment effect is poor.

The second is the rise of chemical drugs. After the 18th century, with the rise of the western industrial revolution and the progress and development of medical experimental technology, there were two kinds of drugs for the treatment of diabetes: one was sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drugs, the second was biguanides, which created a new era of drug treatment of diabetes.

The third stage is insulin use. In 1960, Chinese scientists first discovered insulin, which helps cells use glucose. This is a new milestone in the history of human conquering diabetes.

The fourth is the comprehensive technology development stage. Since the 1970s, the types of drugs to treat diabetes have increased greatly. Psychotherapy, exercise therapy and diet therapy are also used comprehensively. Now, gastric bypass surgery has emerged to treat diabetes.

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Gastric bypass surgery: a milestone in surgical treatment of diabetes mellitus

Gastric bypass surgery is an advanced method widely used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in developed countries in Europe and America. It is reported that the discovery of this method of treatment is totally out of the question. In the 1950s, bariatric surgery began to be used for the treatment of obesity. The initial clinical observation found that the condition of type 2 diabetes mellitus in obese patients was significantly improved and the amount of insulin used was significantly reduced. However, this phenomenon was not paid attention to. It was not until 1998 that experts from Brody School of medicine of East Carolina State University reported the results of follow-up study on weight loss surgery in the world authoritative academic journals, which proved once again that the diabetes symptoms of obese patients disappeared after bariatric surgery. The study lasted 16 years and included 608 patients. Studies have found that diabetes surgery in China has been carried out smoothly, gastric bypass surgery has a high effective rate and fewer complications. Since then, gastric bypass surgery has entered the sight of diabetes experts, and clinical research in this area has also become the focus.

Gastric bypass operation is only carried out by a few state-owned large-scale tertiary hospitals with qualification. The key factor of successful operation is surgical technique. Only by skillful surgical technique can we improve the success rate of operation and reduce the possibility of complications; Secondly, after the operation, it needs the support of diet guidance, sports guidance, psychological guidance and other disciplines of professional personnel. Only if the operation is successful, can the supporting measures after the operation start to operate normally and achieve the best therapeutic effect.

The gastric bypass operation carried out in Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital is guided by the theory of neuroendocrine and gastrointestinal endocrine regulating blood glucose metabolism balance. We have introduced advanced technology and concept from the United States, and are committed to carrying out gastrointestinal bypass surgery in the treatment of diabetes. He has rich and unique experience in the evaluation of surgical indications and risks, and the management of perioperative period.

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