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How to treat diabetic syndrome

Why there are so many complications of diabetes? Experts explain that this is because at the early stage of the disease, diabetic patients do not have a correct understanding of the disease, not enough treatment, leading to the emergence of diabetic complications, diabetes treatment needs to be positive.

The incidence of diabetes treatment syndrome is very high, for example: the final result of diabetic retinopathy may cause blindness, the incidence rate is about 40%. Diabetic nephropathy will eventually lead to renal failure, with an incidence rate of around 30%. The incidence rate of diabetic neuropathy is higher, reaching over 70%.

The syndrome symptoms of diabetes treatment can first have the symptoms of infection such as respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection, and then vomiting, nausea, dehydration and acidosis, or first have more drink, more urine and then reduce the urine volume or not be noticed. Diabetic syndrome can also have abdominal pain, diarrhea, or joint muscle pain, followed by mental depression, drowsiness, irregular breathing and even coma. Blood biochemical changes may include hyperglycemia, hyperketosis, hyperlipidemia, electrolyte disorder, and potassium deficiency in the body. Before treatment, blood potassium may be normal, with acidosis such as pH & lt; 7.35 and HCO3 - reduction.

That's what experts say about the syndrome of diabetes treatment. Although the blood sugar of diabetic syndrome can be well controlled, the complications of diabetes treatment are often difficult to avoid. There are many causes of diabetic complications, for example, the occurrence of acute complications is mostly related to the poor control of blood glucose or the failure to adjust the medication according to the emergency situation when there is an emergency such as infection.