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Three main reasons for high incidence of constipation in women

Constipation is a common anorectal disease, the incidence of a wide range of people, among which women are more common. For the majority of female friends, constipation is really a headache. Due to the special physiological and anatomical structure of women and the blind use of diet pills by some beauty loving women, constipation has become a kind of "female disease".

Several reasons of constipation in women

1. Physiological and anatomical differences

Female uterus squeeze rectum in pelvic cavity, make the curvature of rectum increase, defecation is slower than male, easy to produce constipation.

2. Effects of pregnancy on the fetus

Women in pregnancy due to fetal enlargement, oppression of the rectum, so that anorectal venous reflux disorders, pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle relaxation, also easy to cause constipation and hemorrhoids.

3. Characteristics of female reproductive organs

In front of the female anus is the vagina, and the muscles around it are weak. In addition, the particularity of women's physiological causes, such as menstrual period, pregnancy, especially excessive exertion during childbirth, or menstrual blood loss, can easily lead to constipation.

Some misunderstandings in the treatment of constipation in women

In the treatment of constipation, there are many female patients with constipation due to the lack of a certain understanding, into a lot of treatment errors. For example, some patients put all their hope in the treatment of constipation on diet regulation. In fact, diet regulation can only be used as an auxiliary means of professional treatment, which can temporarily relieve constipation, but not completely eliminate constipation.

In addition, some patients use constipation drugs for a long time, including Kaiselu, Guodao tablets, laxatives, health tea, etc., but they do not realize the side effects of drugs in the treatment of constipation. Guodao, laxatives, slimming tea and other ingredients contain laxatives, long-term use will not only form drug dependence, but also frequently stimulate the intestinal tract, leading to intestinal dysfunction, thus forming colon melanosis. But in this kind of patient, 20% to 30% may concurrent colon cancer, endangers the patient's life. Therefore, once suffering from constipation, should be timely use of professional and scientific methods for treatment.