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Be careful. Constipation can cause anal fissure

Constipation if not treated in time will cause anal fissure, the truth of which we all understand, then what symptoms will appear?

Anal fissure is called "anal fissure ulcer", "fissure hemorrhoids" and "hook intestine hemorrhoids" in traditional Chinese medicine. As the name suggests, there is a gap in the anus, which mostly occurs in the middle of the anus. Anal fissure is generally divided into early anal fissure and old anal fissure. Constipation is the cause of anal fissure on the one hand, and the symptom of anal fissure on the other hand.

The main clinical manifestations were as follows

1. Pain: pain is the main symptom of anal fissure. It's very intense and intolerable, like a tear or knife cut, especially after defecation. The pain of anal fissure is not only severe, but also periodic and intermittent.

2. Bleeding: bleeding can be caused by tearing of wound surface during defecation. The blood color is bright red, and the amount is not too much. It is in the form of drops. It can stop naturally after the end of defecation.

3. Tight: feces dry in the anus is not easy to discharge, this is because often repeated tears make the anal fissure deepen, prolonged healing, under the wound fibrous tissue hyperplasia and form a scar, resulting in the anal relaxation degree is limited, so the anus becomes tight, in clinical patients often say that the anus is' smaller ', we can also find the patient's anal contraction when examining patients It's also a sense of constriction after anesthesia.