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How does enteritis patient do life to recuperate?

Health tips: enteritis is a very common digestive disease. The main cause of enteritis is related to diet. At the same time, if people's body immunity decreases due to fatigue, it will also cause enteritis. But because enteritis is a symptom caused by comprehensive factors, so the treatment of enteritis, mainly through the body's care to achieve the recovery of gastrointestinal function.

1. Rest: rest has great benefits for the recovery of patients, especially for patients in active period, because quiet and comfortable rest environment can reduce the mental and physical burden of patients, especially before going to bed to relax, ensure sleep effect, and take sedatives when necessary. Patients can gradually increase the amount of activity after the condition improves, but generally should reduce heavy physical activity.

Diet and nutrition: due to diarrhea, hematochezia, long-term malnutrition and other factors, patients may have iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency or anemia, should be given an appropriate amount of supplement. Generally, it can be supplemented by oral administration or injection. The use of traditional Chinese medicine for invigorating qi and spleen, nourishing blood and tonifying kidney can also increase the physique and supplement nutrition. However, it is necessary to use drugs dialectically instead of indiscriminately. Long term diarrhea, to supplement calcium and magnesium, zinc and other trace elements.

3. Correct the disorder of water and electrolyte balance: severe patients with diarrhea, fever, dehydration, disorder of water and salt metabolism and hypokalemia, especially when treated with a large amount of hormone, the elimination of urinary potassium increases, which is more likely to lead to hypokalemia, and hypokalemia can induce toxic intestinal dilatation. Therefore, patients should be under the guidance of the doctor medication, but also pay attention to the drug reaction. If out-patient's condition worsens and water electrolyte balance disorder occurs, they should be hospitalized in time so as to timely supplement water, sodium chloride and potassium, and correct water and acid-base balance disorder.

What are the life conditioning methods of enteritis? The above three are about the life conditioning methods of enteritis. I hope that patients with enteritis must pay attention to the above mentioned problems in the process of treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of gastrointestinal rehabilitation.