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Prevention of intestinal diseases in summer

In summer, there are many people with intestinal diseases. Experts remind that to prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases in summer, bacterial food poisoning has obvious seasonality, which often occurs in the hot season.

This is due to the high temperature, which is suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms; on the other hand, the defense function of human intestinal tract is decreased and the susceptibility is enhanced.

Let's look at several cases of gastrointestinal diseases:

Case 1: I am a doctor. I saw twenty patients a few days ago. Most of them started from eleven p.m. and ended at four or five in the morning. Most of them were dysentery and enteritis. Now there are more patients with enteritis and less dysentery. But with the increase of temperature, the incidence rate of dysentery will gradually increase.

Case 2: one night, I went to sleep after drinking wine, and then I woke up with a stomachache. Later, I vomited out. We went with more than ten people, and I was the most serious.

Case 3: when I eat something, I pay attention to the shelf life. Once, the milk I drank was within the shelf life, but after drinking it, I vomited very much. There was no high blood pressure, so the blood pressure was also high.

In summer, we must choose safe processed food; cook food thoroughly; eat immediately after food is ready; carefully preserve food; reheat cooked food before use; avoid cross contamination of raw and cooked food; wash hands repeatedly; keep kitchen surface clean; avoid food contact with insects, rats and other animals; use safe water.