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Explanation of acute enteritis in traditional Chinese Medicine

The explanation of the etiology of acute enteritis in traditional Chinese medicine mainly includes the following aspects: feeling the pathogenic factors, food injury, emotional disorder and weakness of viscera, but the key lies in the dysfunction of spleen and stomach and gastrointestinal function.

Feeling the time evil

At the turn of summer and autumn, the heat dampness is transpiration. If the adjustment is not appropriate, you can feel the dampness and turbid Qi of heat; or because of the greedy cold sleeping, the cold and dampness are soaked, the cold evil is dirty, and the depression suppresses the middle energizer, so that the spleen and stomach are damaged, and the ascending and descending disorders are not distinguished.

emotional disorder

Qi deficiency, or the original food stagnation, or the original dampness block, but did not cause the disease, due to emotional disorders, melancholy and anger, mental tension, resulting in liver loss of catharsis, transgression by spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach restricted, transport disorders and cost disease. In the book, if you are attacked by the spleen and the spleen, you will get rid of it. '

Food injury

Excessive diet, stagnation, or free food and fat, hot and humid, or eating cold and unclean substances, damage the spleen and stomach, causing transportation and dereliction of duty, water and valley essence can not be absorbed, anti stop wet stagnation, Qingqi does not rise, turbid Qi does not drop, vomiting and diarrhea, and the disease.

How does traditional Chinese medicine explain acute enteritis? The four points introduced above are from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to introduce the causes of acute enteritis, but the treatment principles of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine for acute enteritis are the same, that is, early detection and early treatment are conducive to the rehabilitation of intestinal inflammation.