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What are the main hazards of chronic gastritis?

Health tips: what are the hazards of chronic gastritis? If the diagnosis of chronic gastritis, patients do not carry out timely treatment, or there is no formal treatment of chronic gastritis, it may lead to some complications of chronic gastritis, which will not only add difficulties to the further treatment of chronic gastritis, but also make the symptoms of chronic gastritis become serious, so chronic gastritis will cause What are the serious consequences?

The harm of chronic gastritis one: gastric bleeding, chronic gastritis bleeding is not uncommon: 1. Mucosal atrophy and thinning, vascular exposure, coarse grains food rubbing, mucosal erosion bleeding, with melena as the main performance, if the amount of bleeding, can suddenly vomit blood, severe dizziness, palpitation, sleep black, sweating, and even shock.

Second, the harm of chronic gastritis: gastric ulcer and superficial gastritis, erosive gastritis, there is obvious inflammatory stimulation, gastric mucosa atrophy and thinning, concurrent erosion, ulcer, should be timely gastroscopy, so as not to delay diagnosis and treatment.

The harm of chronic gastritis three: anemia chronic gastritis massive blood loss accompanied by two kinds of anemia: 1. Megaloblastic anemia, that is, pernicious anemia. Patients with anemia performance: dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, pale complexion. 2. Iron deficiency anemia. One is caused by chronic blood loss; the second is that patients with chronic gastritis eat less and lack of nutrition; the third is lack of gastric acid.

According to the statistics of the international health organization, the average incidence of gastric cancer is 10% after 10-20 years of follow-up in the high incidence area of gastric cancer, and their development is: superficial gastritis chronic gastritis intestinal metaplasia or atypical hyperplasia gastric cancer. The canceration of chronic gastritis is closely related to gastritis hyperplasia. There are two cases of chronic gastritis prone to canceration: 1. Chronic gastritis with malignant anemia, the incidence of canceration is more than 20 times higher than other gastrointestinal diseases, which should be paid attention to by patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

What are the hazards of chronic gastritis? Through the introduction of the above contents, I hope you can understand the serious consequences of chronic gastritis without timely treatment. It is better to remind patients of chronic gastritis that only timely treatment can play a role in the rehabilitation of chronic gastritis and the stability of disease control.