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Key points in the treatment of chronic gastritis

Health reminder: chronic gastritis is a chronic disease of gastric mucositis caused by different causes. It is a common disease. Its incidence rate is the highest among all kinds of stomach diseases, from young to old, from male to female.

The causes of chronic gastritis are various, so far the pathogenesis is not very clear.

The clinical symptoms of chronic gastritis are various and of different severity.

Some people's clinical symptoms and the degree of chronic gastric mucosal lesions are not consistent, that is to say, some patients have no clinical symptoms, but do gastroscopy but found to have more serious chronic gastritis. On the contrary, some patients feel a lot of discomfort, but after examination, only mild superficial gastritis or gastric mucosa is generally normal.

Why is gastritis more serious in severe cases than in mild ones? It is related to the specific situation of each person. For example, if some people have high visceral sensitivity, the symptoms are heavy; if the visceral sensitivity is poor, the symptoms are light.

Therefore, we can not judge the severity of the disease only according to the severity of symptoms.

Chronic gastritis is a chronic protracted disease. Its symptoms can be mild and sometimes severe. Its condition is also affected by the external environment, mental state, diet and other factors. Based on the above characteristics, the treatment of chronic gastritis needs comprehensive treatment.

These treatments include diet therapy, supportive therapy, symptomatic therapy and combination of prevention and treatment. For example, correct bad eating habits and habits, pay attention to reasonable diet structure, reduce the adverse effects of stimulating diet on the stomach, increase nutrition, strengthen physical exercise, and adopt different drug treatment according to different types of chronic gastritis. In the process of drug treatment, Chinese medicine should adjust the treatment plan according to the changes of the disease.

At the same time, regular review should be carried out to solve the problems found in time. Only in this way, the treatment of chronic gastritis can achieve good therapeutic effect.

Chronic gastritis can be divided into several types according to its clinical characteristics, gastroscopy and pathological characteristics. Each type of chronic gastritis has different symptoms, age, gender, hobbies, etc. some chronic gastritis are accompanied with Helicobacter pylori infection, some have high gastric acid and some have low gastric acid.

Therefore, the treatment of chronic gastritis should be based on the different conditions of each patient to take different treatment programs, and can not be uniform, so as to achieve better results.

The commonly used drugs for the treatment of chronic gastritis are as follows:

1. Drugs for protecting gastric mucosa

2. Drugs for promoting gastric motility

3. Anticholinergic drugs

4. Anti acid drugs

5. Antibiotics

6. Sedative and analgesic drugs

7. Supplement digestive enzyme preparation and anti anemia drugs

8. Antidepressant drugs

9. Traditional Chinese Medicine