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Diet therapy for gastritis

Gastrointestinal disease is a very common disease, and difficult to cure, mainly rely on daily conditioning. Core tips: if the diet adopts refined, less, soft and light health soup porridge, it can help patients with chronic gastritis to regulate their intestines and stomach and keep healthy.

Let's learn how to treat gastritis

Lotus seed porridge with invigorating spleen and warming stomach

[method] take 50 grams of lotus seeds and glutinous rice, and 1 spoonful of brown sugar. Soak the lotus seeds in boiling water, peel and remove the heart. Pour them into the pot, add water and simmer for 30 minutes. Set aside. Then put the washed glutinous rice into the pot, add water to boil for 10 minutes, then pour in Lotus meat and soup. Add brown sugar and simmer for 30 minutes. This porridge can be used for breakfast or afternoon tea.

[efficacy] it has the effects of Tonifying the middle and dry dampness, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, stopping diarrhea and reducing sweating, and calming the mind and strengthening the essence. It is suitable for those who are afraid of cold stomach, diarrhea and poor sleep.

Yangwei Buxin longan Decoction

[method] 5-10 longan, 10 g Dendrobium and a little sugar. Longan shell, and Dendrobium under the pot, add water and sugar with boiling, small heat boil 15 minutes can be.

[efficacy] it has the effects of invigorating the spleen and stomach, tonifying the heart and benefiting the intelligence, and eliminating the vexed heat. If you have heavy stomach heat and yellow tongue coating, you can add 6 grams of washed bamboo mushrooms and cook them together.