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What causes halitosis

If you have halitosis, it's really embarrassing. Halitosis not only affects people's health, but also becomes a barrier to success. Many friends are looking for ways to treat halitosis. Experts pointed out that only when the right medicine is applied can the disease be cured.

Digestive tract diseases: digestive tract diseases are the main causes of halitosis: diseases with narrow digestive tract, inflammatory diseases of digestive tract, tumors of digestive tract and constipation can cause halitosis.

Secondary halitosis: there are many reasons for secondary halitosis, mainly related to the related diseases of digestive medicine, otolaryngology, Nephrology, stomatology and respiratory medicine.

Simple halitosis: it is mainly caused by unclean mouth or bad living habits. If you can't stick to normal brushing and mouthwash, there are too many teeth stones, don't pay attention to the cleaning of dentures, like eating snacks, etc., it will lead to halitosis. After middle age, saliva secretion is reduced, reducing the self-cleaning effect of the mouth, so the middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to have halitosis. In addition, smokers will have a bad smell in their mouth and nose.

Experts pointed out that in order to treat halitosis, we must first identify the causes of halitosis, and then we can treat it symptomatically. Among the three causes of halitosis, the halitosis caused by Helicobacter pylori needs to be paid great attention to by the patients. Behind this kind of halitosis, there may be serious stomach disease. As for the diagnosis of halitosis caused by Helicobacter pylori, our hospital adopts C14 breath detection system, as long as If you breathe easily, you can detect whether you are infected with Helicobacter pylori.