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What is allergic asthma?

what is allergic asthma? Allergic asthma is one of the asthma diseases. In addition to the common asthma, allergic asthma has its own symptoms. Now let's learn about the symptoms of allergic asthma together with the small edition of the rest assured medical network? Symptoms of allergic asthma 1. Allergic asthma often has sneezing, runny nose, cough, chest tightness and other symptoms before onset. If the patient does not pay attention, it is likely to cause bronchial obstruction to aggravate asthma. Severe cases can be forced to take a seat or sit up breathing, dry cough or a large amount of white foam sputum, and even appear cyanosis. However, it can be relieved by itself or by using antiasthmatic drugs. Some patients can relapse after a few hours of remission, and even lead to persistent asthma. The symptoms of allergic asthma 2. There is also atypical asthma in clinical. Such as cough variant asthma, the patients cough for more than 2 months without obvious inducement, often attack at night and in the early morning, exercise, cold air and other induced aggravation, airway responsiveness test has high reactivity, antibiotics or antitussive, expectorant treatment is ineffective, the use of bronchospasmolysis or corticosteroids is effective, but other diseases causing cough need to be excluded. Traditional allergic asthma drugs are mostly antihistamines and hormones, which not only cause fatigue and fatigue, but also damage the liver and kidney, and hormones are more likely to lead to obesity, infection, pigmentation and other problems. In addition, most of these antiallergic drugs are effective when they are used. Once they are stopped, they will recur and even have more serious symptoms. What is the above allergic asthma and the symptoms of allergic asthma are explained, hoping to help the patients who are being treated. At the same time, for the treatment and medication of allergic asthma patients, we also need to pay attention to taking it under the guidance of doctors, do not take other drugs randomly for treatment, so as to avoid other adverse reactions.