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How can prostate be found and treated early?

With the development of society, prostatitis has been paid more and more attention. It has become one of the most common diseases among male friends. It has brought a lot of inconvenience and seriously affected the quality of life. How can male prostate be found and treated early?

Regular blood test and digital rectal examination is an important method for early detection of renal damage and prostate cancer caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. The elderly over 50 years old should receive renal function test and digital rectal examination every six months or one year.

The treatment of prostate diseases should be treated according to the three main different lesions.

First, chronic prostatitis can be treated with drugs that are easier to penetrate the prostate capsule, such as rifampicin, sulfanilamide synergist, doxycycline, etc. If there is a condition, after bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test of prostatic fluid, then select the antibiotics sensitive to pathogenic bacteria, the effect is better. Prostate massage can also be used.

Second, prostatic hyperplasia using QianLieKang, Qianlietong, anuutong and other drugs have a certain effect on mild patients. The elderly patients who have no sexual requirements can consider the use of estrogen treatment, the curative effect is good, but should be under the guidance of doctors. Transurethral prostatectomy or open prostatectomy is the treatment of severe prostatic hyperplasia.

Thirdly, once the prostate cancer is found, the combination of surgery and chemotherapy should be adopted.