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Can men with prostatitis have sex?

Can men with prostatitis have sex? In recent years, with the changes of people's life and work habits, the incidence rate of prostatitis has increased year by year and has been changing towards younger age, which has caused great trouble for men's work and life. Prostatitis patients because of some pain symptoms, many men resist sex life, while others refuse sex life because they are afraid of infecting their wives.

Experts said that after suffering from prostatitis, you can't have the same room. It should be determined according to the specific condition of the patient. Regular sex life not only does not harm the prostate, but also maintains the normal metabolism of the prostate, helps to remove harmful substances in the prostate and accelerate local blood circulation, is conducive to the recovery of prostate function and accelerate the regression of inflammation. At the same time, it is also an important measure to close the relationship between husband and wife and avoid sexual indifference.

In fact, the prostate itself is a secretory organ. It constantly produces prostate fluid and needs to be discharged regularly. This is the real secret of maintaining the prostate. When inflammation occurs in the prostate, there will be many pathogens and inflammatory cells in the prostatic fluid. If you do not have sex, the prostatic fluid accumulates in the acini and cannot be discharged, and the pathogens continue to reproduce. Although you take effective 'about' treatment, you often do not get satisfactory results. In the process of sexual life, ejaculation can shrink the smooth muscle of the prostate and promote the discharge of prostate fluid into the urethra, which can play a better drainage role than prostate massage. A small number of patients have no sex life for a long time, and over time, they are indifferent to sex, and even have sexual indifference and various sexual dysfunction.

In addition, patients with chronic non bacterial prostatitis should regulate their sexual life during the acute attack period, and then they can continue to live a normal sexual life. Regular sex 1-2 times a week can not only avoid excessive congestion of the prostate, but also relieve the deposition of prostate fluid. Sex life is conducive to the relief and rehabilitation of prostatitis. Studies have shown that men's one-time impulse process, if they can achieve orgasm and ejaculation, the time for pelvic congestion to subside is 15-30 minutes; If orgasm ejaculation cannot be achieved, the time of pelvic congestion will be as long as 10-20 hours. The longer the pelvic tissue, including the prostate, is congested, the more it will contribute to the occurrence and development of inflammation.