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The first thing women need to do to fight menopausal symptoms is to tonify the kidney

Women's fight against menopausal symptoms must first tonify the kidney. The essence of kidney is closely related to the physiological process of female in various stages of growth, development, reproduction and aging. Only by nourishing the kidney and ensuring sufficient essence in the kidney can we get rid of the attack of climacteric symptoms.

Entering the age of 50, the body can be said to go further and further down the slope. "Simple questions & Ancient innocence theory" holds that: "women's Qi Qi Ren pulse is weak, Taichong pulse is weak, Tiangui is exhausted, the tunnel is impassable, so the shape is bad and there is no son. It means that when a woman reaches the age of 77-49, with the weakness of the two main meridians in charge of Qi and blood, the Ren and Chong meridians, the kidney essence in her body is insufficient and Tiangui is exhausted. 'no way' means that women have menopause. When Tiangui dried up, menstruation naturally stopped. In this way, she lost the ability to conceive and have children.

What are the symptoms of menopause

The year of 77 here refers to women's menopause. Speaking of menopause, I believe many people will come up with a moody, irritable, sensitive and suspicious image of women. In our eyes, these characteristics seem to have become a unique mark on menopausal women. Menopause is indeed a turning point for women and a necessary stage for women. In these stages, many women will have a series of symptoms, such as emotional irritability, insomnia, upset, night sweats, memory loss, trance, osteoporosis, depression, tinnitus, obesity, frequent urination, long spots on the face, increased wrinkles, dry eyes and so on. These symptoms have brought many troubles to women in their later years. But if you pay attention to recuperation, it can delay the arrival of menopause, and even reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms.

Getting rid of the attack of climacteric syndrome

How to recuperate? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that climacteric symptoms are mainly caused by kidney qi deficiency, deficiency of essence and blood, and imbalance of yin and Yang. In terms of recuperation, we should take kidney deficiency as the foundation, start with Tonifying the kidney, replenish qi and blood, and recuperate the viscera. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine called 'men are afraid of hurting the liver, women are afraid of hurting the kidney'. This sentence reveals the importance of Tonifying the kidney for women. The kidney stores essence and refines blood, and Qi and blood are the prerequisite for menstruation, pregnancy, production, lactation and other physiological phenomena of women. Therefore, the physiological process of women in various stages of growth, development, reproduction and aging is closely related to the essence of kidney. Only by nourishing the kidney and ensuring sufficient essence in the kidney can we get rid of the attack of climacteric symptoms.

Kidney essence is divided into kidney yin and kidney yang, so tonifying kidney can be divided into tonifying kidney yin and Tonifying Kidney Yang.

Kidney yin deficiency: many of menopausal women's discomfort symptoms are 'kidney yin deficiency' performance, such as irritability, insomnia, dry mouth, dry throat, night sweats, long spots on the face, you can eat more nourishing yin and kidney food, such as sesame, mung bean, lotus root, black fungus, wax gourd, cucumber, duck, pig skin, lean pork, bird's nest, tremella, tofu, yam, turtle, jellyfish, etc All of them are cold and cool, and can replenish the Yin fluid in the body. And litchi, longan, pepper, mutton, Zanthoxylum, fennel and other dry, fatty food will damage the body's Yin fluid, so eat less.

Kidney yang deficiency: the phenomenon of female kidney yang deficiency is also very common, and its physiological particularity determines that women themselves have the characteristics of Yang deficiency. In addition, in modern society, women's heavy work, greater pressure and mental tension make women's Kidney Yang more weak, and they are prone to cold, poor appetite, indigestion, obesity and other symptoms. They can eat mutton, leek and spicy food in an appropriate amount Peppers, sunflower seeds, chicken, shrimps and other food can warm kidney yang.

For women to fight menopausal symptoms, the first thing you have a preliminary understanding of kidney, the following Sihai health editor will continue to introduce the relevant knowledge about women's health, welcome to check, Sihai wish you a happy life!