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How do menopausal women eat young skin?

How do menopausal women eat young skin? For most women, the most concerned problem is how to make themselves energetic every day and keep a good look. Beauty food is naturally very popular with female friends. To introduce 8 kinds of golden beauty food for the public women, dietotherapy beauty natural health.

1. Wang jujube

It is known as' iron crop 'and' woody grain ', also known as jujube. It is also known as' five fruits' together with peach, plum, apricot and plum (or chestnut). The vitamin content is extremely high. The folk saying' three jujubes a day, one life does not show old ', also known as' natural vitamin pill'. Patients who eat red jujube continuously recover 3 times faster than those who simply take vitamin medicine.

2. Yizhi Guiyuan

'South longan ginseng ginseng', also known as longan (Gui Yuan, Yuan meat), "Da Bu Qi Xue, Li Sheng Shen Qi", "food for lychee is expensive, while Ziyi longan is good" ("Compendium of Materia Medica"), different from Litchi hot and humid, can be used as medicine, Yangyang Yiqi, nourishing blood and tranquilizing the nerves, suitable for production (disease) after the patch, can inhibit uterine cancer cells.

3. Chinese wolfberry

Vitamin C, & beta- The contents of carotene and iron were higher than those of orange, carrot and steak; Summer flowers, the name of evergreen grass; Autumn harvest, known as wolfberry; It can greatly stimulate sexual function. It is not suitable to travel far away from home, but it is suitable to recuperate at home.

4. Long live walnut

It is also known as walnut and Qiang peach. It is also known as' four dried fruits' together with almond, cashew and hazelnut. In the west, it is known as' Alpinia oxyphylla ',' Hercules food 'and' nutritious nuts'. In the East, it is regarded as' longevity fruit 'and' the treasure of raising people '. The American Dietetic Association recommends eating walnut two or three times a week, especially for middle-aged and old people and menopausal women.

5. Ginseng and carrot

Also known as sweet bamboo shoots and 'native ginseng', it has a slight and continuous sweating effect, stimulates skin metabolism, improves blood circulation, and makes skin tender, smooth and ruddy. American scientists believe that eating two or three carrots a day can reduce cholesterol by 10-20%, which helps to prevent heart disease and cancer.

6. Lotus root

Roots, leaves, flowers, whiskers and fruits are all treasures. They are rich in starch, protein, vitamin C and B1, and inorganic salts such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. They are most suitable for human needs. They can replenish qi and blood, enhance immunity, and are easy to digest. They are suitable for young and old people. Traditional Chinese medicine calls them "tonifying the middle, nourishing the spirit, benefiting qi and power". Short and thick lotus nodes are better. The second node is the best from the top of lotus root.

7. Hairdresser Aloe

It is also known as "the green gold of nature". Since the 1980s, aloe fever has appeared all over the world. No plant like aloe has been found to have all-round effects such as whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, freckle removing, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, analgesia, hair care, promoting wound healing and so on. It has a special effect on the treatment of acne.

8. Red bean

Contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially iron and vitamin B12, has a very good blood and promote blood circulation function, menstruation time is long, large blood can eat more, pregnant women eat red beans, but also milk.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of how menopausal women eat young skin. More topics about menopausal women's skin care will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!