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More Hawthorn can also effectively treat irregular menstruation

Eat Hawthorn to also be able to treat menstruation effectively? When it comes to hawthorn, people first think that it can help digestion. In fact, hawthorn in addition to digestion, there are many effects. Not long ago, Tianjin Institute of environmental medicine personnel on the domestic common 30 kinds of fruit antioxidant activity determination, that the anti-aging effect of Hawthorn ranked first in the group of fruit.

In recent years, studies have found that Hawthorn contains a compound called Vitexin, which has anti-cancer effect. Both nitrosamine and aflatoxin can induce the occurrence or aggravation of digestive tract cancer. Experimental studies show that hawthorn extract can not only block the synthesis of nitrosamine, but also inhibit the carcinogenesis of aflatoxin. Therefore, the high-risk groups of digestive tract cancer should often eat hawthorn. For patients with cancer, if they have indigestion, they can also use hawthorn and rice to cook porridge together, which can help digestion and help anti-cancer.

Clinical studies have confirmed that Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride, effectively prevent atherosclerosis; hawthorn can also strengthen heart and prevent angina by enhancing myocardial contractility, increasing cardiac output, expanding coronary artery, increasing coronary blood flow, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, etc. In addition, the total flavonoids in Hawthorn can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure for a long time. Therefore, for patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension and coronary heart disease, 15-30g raw Hawthorn can be used daily, and water decoction can be used instead of tea.

In the treatment of dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation, Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is a good food therapy for dysmenorrhea patients with blood stasis type. Patients with dysmenorrhea of blood stasis type often show abdominal pain on the first or second day of menstruation or on the first or second day before menstruation. When the menstrual blood is discharged smoothly, the pain gradually alleviates or disappears, and the color of menstrual blood is dark, accompanied by blood clots. Patients can take 1000 grams of fresh hawthorn with nuclear, wash and add appropriate amount of water, simmer until the hawthorn is cooked, add 250 grams of brown sugar, and then simmer for 10 minutes until it becomes a paste. Take it 3-5 days before menstruation, 30 ml Hawthorn mud in the morning and evening every day, and stop taking it 3 days after menstruation. This is a course of treatment, and it can be effective after 3 courses of treatment. This method is also suitable for irregular menstruation, TCM Syndrome Differentiation for blood stasis.

Some people should not eat hawthorn, pregnant women appear early pregnancy reaction, sweet and sour hawthorn is often their favorite. In fact, pregnant women should not eat more hawthorn, because Hawthorn has the effect of contraction of uterine smooth muscle, may induce abortion. Hawthorn can promote the secretion of gastric acid, so it is not suitable to eat on an empty stomach. The acid substances in hawthorn have certain corrosivity to teeth. After eating, we should pay attention to gargle and brush teeth in time, especially for children in the period of tooth replacement.