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Irregular menstruation in women may be caused by unreasonable diet

Irregular menstruation in women may be caused by unreasonable diet. Nowadays, bony beauty is popular. Not only young girls worship bodybuilding, but even middle-aged and old women are eager to try. Slimming drugs, slimming food, slimming tea and slim cream came into being, and advertisements were overwhelming. Quite a lot of people regard slim and graceful figure as the symbol of female beauty, and deliberately pursue thin figure. As a result, some girls are willing to be hungry all day long and go on a diet to lose weight. As a result, some young girls become sick and suffer from anorexia nervosa syndrome.

One of the hazards of excessive weight loss, may cause menstrual disorders, serious cases can cause amenorrhea.

It has long been found that very thin ballerinas or gymnasts tend to have delayed menarche. Among them, the incidence rate of amenorrhea and menarche is much higher than that of ordinary people. Studies have shown that the minimum weight of a certain height, representing the critical lean / fat ratio, is necessary for menstruation and regular ovulation cycle. When a woman loses 10% - 15% of her weight, that is, about 1 / 3 of her body fat, menstrual disorders or amenorrhea will occur.

In the past century, the age of menarche of women has gradually advanced. According to some statistics, in western countries, the age of menarche began in 1850, almost every 10 years, four months in advance. Norway, for example, is located in northern Europe. In the 1840s, the average age of girls at menarche was 17 years old, but after a century, it has advanced to 13.5 years old. Compared with the two surveys in 1963-1964 and 1979-1980, Beijing was 0.8 years earlier in 16 years.

What are the reasons for the early menarche age of women? Some scholars believe that it may be related to social conditions such as nutrition, medical treatment, housing, light and so on. They compared the menarche age of rural and urban girls in the same country, and the results were convincing. In Madras, India, the average age of first menstruation for urban girls is 12.8 years old, while that for rural girls is 14.2 years old. Under the conditions of primitive life or extreme poverty, women's menarche also comes late, such as 18 years old in New Guinea, 14.5 years old for urban blacks in South Africa, and 13.8 years old for Inuit and Eskimo. During the Second World War, the Eurasian continent was full of famine, and girls' menarche age was significantly delayed.

Therefore, nutritional factors have an important influence on sexual maturity. A retrospective survey of laps living in the Arctic circle was conducted. From 1870 to 1930, the life style, nutritional status and diet structure of lapu people were basically unchanged, so the menarche age was not significantly advanced.

Some people used animals to experiment and found that when rats were fed a low protein diet continuously, the estrous cycle of female adult rats would stop when their weight dropped below 8% of the normal level. If given a high protein diet, the estrous cycle will reappear in female rats.

After in-depth research, scientists have finally found such a rule: for girls in European and American countries, although the age at the beginning of menstruation has changed significantly in the past 100 years, the weight of girls at the Village tide is always maintained at about 47 kg, which indicates that the initiation of adolescence seems to be related to the trigger of weight.

A very interesting case has been reported in the United States. This is a female swimmer with a height of 169.2 cm. She started training at the age of 7. Her menarche appeared at the age of 15.4, but her menstruation was too little. The interval was 6 months. The female athlete is extremely thin, weighing only 48.9 kg, 82.5% of her standard weight calculated according to her height, 21 kg less than the weight required by her regular menstrual cycle.

The doctor advised her that you should increase your weight, otherwise you will have eye and menstrual disorder. Although she was skeptical of the doctor's advice, she gained 2.3kg by eating more, resulting in menstruation. The next month, she managed to lose 2.3kg, resulting in no menstruation.

To sum up, it can be considered that the reason for women's early menarche age is due to the improvement of social, nutritional, health and other conditions, which makes the critical weight needed for menarche earlier. If you pay a little attention in daily life, you may also find that girls with moderate obesity have earlier menarche than thin girls; malnutrition can delay menarche. The anorexic girl whose weight is lower than critical weight can often cause amenorrhea.

The scientists explained that adipose tissue in the breast, abdomen, omentum and long bone marrow of women can turn androgen into estrogen, so adipose tissue is an important external source of estrogen. The amount of adipose tissue can directly affect the endocrine regulation of menstrual cycle. The lightest weight of a certain height can represent the critical lean / fat ratio in the body. Women should maintain this minimum ratio to keep enough fat in the body for the menstrual cycle to be normal.

Women's irregular menstruation may be caused by unreasonable dieting. We can see from this that Lin Daiyu, who is skinny and weak, is by no means a model of modern bodybuilding. On the contrary, women's charm can only be shown by their moderate weight, clear bones and bright face.