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Can female menstrual sex be pregnant?

Can female menstrual sex be pregnant? About whether women can have sex during menstruation, relevant people specially consulted gynecological experts. The expert's method is: generally, the probability of having sex during menstruation will be small, but it may also be pregnant. In addition, women's physical resistance is weak during menstruation, and sexual intercourse will cause inflammation. Sexual intercourse during menstruation is not advocated.

The first reason why women can't have sex during menstruation is to prevent reproductive system infection

When a woman's menstruation comes, the endometrium (the layer of tissue inside the uterus) is stripped down one by one. During menstrual sexual intercourse, it is easy for women to bring bacteria around the vulva and perineum (the part between the vaginal opening and anus) into the vagina, cervix and even into the uterus. Bacteria grow and reproduce just where there is blood. Inflammation occurs locally, which is called endometritis. It not only has fever and lower abdominal pain, but also increases menstrual bleeding and prolongs the menstrual period.

If the bacterial virulence of the infection is very strong, it may also spread to the outside of the uterus through the lymphatic vessels of the endometrium and enter the pelvic cavity, causing acute adnexitis (including fallopian tube and ovary) and pelvic peritonitis, it will not only have fever and abdominal pain, but also affect future fertility. Once the fallopian tube is inflamed, adhesion can occur. In severe cases, the lumen is blocked, and if the sperm cannot pass through, it cannot conceive.

The second reason why women can't have sex during menstruation is to prevent endometriosis caused by endometrial reflux into the pelvic cavity (normally, endometrium comes out with menstrual blood flow during menstruation)

If you have sex during the menstrual period, when the woman's excitement reaches the peak, the uterus will contract. At this time, the endometrial fragments that have fallen off in the uterine cavity can enter the fallopian tube with the pressure of uterine contraction, enter the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity along the fallopian tube, and endometriosis will occur no matter where they fall and grow locally.

This disease can cause adhesion between fallopian tube, uterus and pelvic cavity, hypertrophy of ovarian surface and blood storage, which can not only destroy the development and growth of normal eggs, but also affect ovulation, so it will also cause infertility in the end. Therefore, menstruation is not suitable for sexual intercourse.

In short, menstrual sexual intercourse is harmful to women's health, especially adolescent women. On this point, both men and women should not seek temporary pleasure and leave lifelong regret.