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Is bathing too frequent also easy to cause vaginitis?

Is it easy to cause vaginitis if bathing too often? What is the cause of vaginitis? How to prevent vaginitis? According to the World Health Organization survey report, 85% of married women in the world have at least one infectious gynecological disease in their lives, and the prevalence rate of this kind of disease among Chinese women is as high as 90%.

The incidence rate of vaginitis is relatively high. Zhang Wei, chief gynecologist of Beijing obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that if the vulva is washed too hard and too lazy, it is easy to be infected with vaginitis, and the risk of infection will increase significantly in summer.

Compared with the past, girls in their 20s are now the 'main force' of vaginitis, because these girls have more frequent sex life, neglect the hygiene after sex, and are prone to bacterial invasion. Do artificial abortion too many times also easy to cause infection.

Zhang Wei pointed out that washing the vulva is indeed a good way to prevent vaginitis, but it should not be washed too often, otherwise it is easy to damage the acidic environment of the vagina. Generally speaking, it's OK to rinse with warm water once a day. At the same time, wash hands before defecation, so as not to let the bacteria on the hands enter the vagina when wiping.

Need to pay attention to is, suffering from vaginitis to go to the hospital to find out the type, and then symptomatic use of the corresponding external lotion, do not buy, or acid, alkaline easy to buy the reverse, leading to long-term treatment.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the problem of too frequent bathing is also easy to cause vaginitis. Today we will introduce here. More topics about women's health will continue to be introduced in the following chapters. Welcome to check. I wish you a happy life!