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Does bacterial vaginitis affect the baby in the future

Ready to have a baby, but found a bacterial vaginitis. Special concern is that with such a difficult bacterial vaginitis, on the future of children whether there is an impact. So, in the end got bacterial vaginitis to have an impact on children? For women are more concerned about the problem, gynecological authoritative experts give the following answers and introduction.

Does bacterial vaginitis have an impact on having children? Many women with fertility requirements will consult such questions. Therefore, authoritative experts of gynecology in Zhengzhou University Hospital point out that if women of childbearing age get bacterial vaginitis, they will also affect the future of having children. This situation is mainly attributed to the pH value of the patient's vagina will exceed 4.5 at this time. The change of the pH value in the vaginal environment will inhibit the sperm activity, thus affecting the female pregnancy and having children.

In addition, the pathogenic bacteria that lead to bacterial vaginitis can phagocytize sperm, and with the inflammation, vaginal secretions increase in large numbers, which contain a large number of white blood cells, which will hinder the survival of sperm, reduce the number of sperm, thus affecting women to have children. But as long as the timely and effective treatment of bacterial vaginitis, can be pregnant again.