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Which symptoms can judge whether ectopic pregnancy?

Which symptoms can judge whether ectopic pregnancy? What are the early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? What are the abnormal symptoms in the early stage of ectopic pregnancy? Experts remind that ectopic pregnancy can be detected early through the following five clues:

Menopause: most patients have a short history of menopause before onset, mostly about 6 weeks.

Abdominal pain: its incidence is 95%, which is often sudden, with tear like or paroxysmal pain on one side of the lower abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Diarrhea: Patients with ectopic pregnancy will also have diarrhea symptoms. If the condition is not carefully analyzed, it is easy to be considered as dyspepsia or intestinal emergency.

Vaginal bleeding: mostly drop shaped, dark brown, less, no more than the amount of menstruation.

Shock: it can cause dizziness, pale complexion, fine pulse, decreased blood pressure, dripping cold sweat, resulting in syncope and shock. Syncope caused by ectopic pregnancy is also easily mistaken for hypoglycemia.