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What kind of underwear is more comfortable for girls?

What kind of underwear is more comfortable for girls? Underwear should not be made of chemical fiber and silk, which is easy to cause static electricity and damage the skin. It may also lead to the smell, sweat and secretions that need to be volatilized in time. It's best to choose soft, cotton underwear with good heat dissipation. It should be loose and not too tight.

Many girls are always attracted by beautiful lace and elegant colors, and choose their favorite one according to this standard. However, experienced designers or interior shopping guides will remind you to choose different styles according to their different bodies. At the same time, take into account the matching factors such as the waist height of outer trousers and skirts and the length of trousers, and choose the underwear with the best functionality.

When choosing underwear, you must have an accurate understanding of your hips. When purchasing, you should open your hands to see whether the back piece and back arc are enough. Cotton fabric is better, and it is best to be accompanied by elasticity. This kind of underwear is very comfortable and fit. It can not only decorate the lower abdomen, but also show the line beauty of the hips.

Women should not only own and rely on underwear, but also deeply understand it, use it and get out of the misunderstanding of wearing underwear, so as to make each woman's hips healthy and strong, have a beautiful sense of sex and have a beautiful shape.