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What are the aphrodisiac foods suitable for women?

What are the aphrodisiac foods suitable for women? What food can women eat to stimulate their lust? What foods can stimulate women's lust? The principle of aphrodisiac diet is: first, it encourages sexual interest due to the composition and nutritional value of food itself; The second is the physiological emotional association caused by psychological factors. On Valentine's night, eating and drinking men and women choose the right sexual food, which will be more 'sexual' blessing.


Nuts refer to sunflower seeds, walnut kernels, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, etc. among them, walnuts have more prominent effects, such as strengthening kidney, nourishing blood, benefiting stomach and moistening lung & hellip& hellip; It's an aphrodisiac.


According to the new herbal medicine, mutton can 'tonify asthenia and fatigue, replenish qi, strengthen Yang, appetizer and strengthen health'. Mutton has the effects of warming and removing cold, warming and Tonifying Qi and blood. Does red wine have an aphrodisiac effect?

red wine

An appropriate amount of red wine can accelerate the blood circulation, promote the release of energy in the body, and let lovers relax and enjoy a better night. With nutritious cheese, it really helps to grow sexual interest from the inside.


Scientific research has proved that fish is rich in phosphorus and zinc, which is very important for men's and women's sexual function health care. There is a saying of 'marital sex harmony element'. Generally speaking, for those who lack zinc in the body, men will have reduced sperm quantity and quality, accompanied by decreased sexual and reproductive function, while women will have symptoms such as weight loss and decreased vaginal secretion during sexual intercourse.


When it comes to provocative fruit, anyone who knows Adam and Eve will think of apples. Since Adam and Eve, Apple has been synonymous with temptation. The red pigment formed by Apple exposed to sufficient sunlight can make the secretion of sex hormones more vigorous, make men more masculine and make women more feminine.


Nutritionists believe that the ingredients contained in chocolate can stabilize nerves and help open senses, bring people a relaxed and exciting feeling, and make people look forward to the happiness of both sexes. Physiologists have shown that the brain's response to love is the same as that after tasting chocolate, so people say chocolate is the taste of love.