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Difference between paper mask and surgical mask

The biggest difference between paper masks and surgical masks is in terms of material. Paper masks are made of imported wood pulp, which can be divided into single layer or double layer, and have a wide range of applications. Surgical masks are made of non-woven materials, most of which have three layers. They are masks worn by medical staff at work. What are the differences between paper masks and surgical masks? Masks are very common in our life. Generally, there are medical surgical masks, cloth masks, N95 masks, paper masks, etc. their uses are different. Therefore, when buying, we should also find out their protective effects, and then buy them for sex.

The biggest difference between paper masks and surgical masks lies in their material. Paper masks are usually made of imported wood pulp. They are generally single-layer or double-layer. The price is relatively cheap. They are suitable for medical, food, beauty and other industries. Most of them are disposable products.

The full name of surgical mask is medical surgical mask, which is mostly made of non-woven materials. It is a mask worn by medical staff during work. It is mainly used in medical clinics, laboratories, surgery and other demanding environments. It can effectively block bacteria and germs, and play a role in preventing influenza and respiratory diseases.