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Where is the naughty value

As an important indicator of national consumption power, naughty value depends not only on purchasing power, but also on whether they love evaluation, sharing, and even whether their integrity is good enough.

1. To view the naughty value, you need to log in to Taobao app, open the mobile Taobao app client on the mobile phone, enter the account and password, log in, and click the "my Taobao" column at the bottom of the page to enter the personal center.

2. Click my Taobao in the toolbar in the lower right corner to enter the personal center. 3. In my Taobao panel, find and click "member center" in the necessary tools. 4. Click the naughty value icon below. The naughty value changes dynamically. Its score is calculated according to the consumption behavior in the last 12 months. The 8th day of each month is the day when the naughty value is updated. 5. You can view the naughty value score of the current period, and you can obtain corresponding rights and interests according to the naughty value. (TaoQiZhiZaiNaLiKan)