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Why do fish migrate? What are the reasons for fish migration

There are four reasons for fish migration. The first is reproductive migration. Fish need to return to the birthplace to lay eggs, because the birthplace is suitable for hatching and foraging of young fish. The second is bait migration, which aims to migrate to more food rich waters. The third is overwintering migration, which is mainly related to the water temperature. The lower the water temperature, the faster the migration speed. The fourth is that the change of water flow leads to the migration of fish. 1、 Reproductive migration most fish migration is reproductive migration, and the purpose is naturally to lay eggs. There are many migration directions, some from the open sea to the coastal area, some from the river to the estuary, others from the lower reaches of the river to the upper reaches, and shorter ones from the center of the lake to the lake. The reason for this migration is that the destination is often a good place to hatch young fish, and there are a large number of plankton for them to eat. 2、 Bait migration bait migration is like the migration of animals on the African grassland. They migrate from food barren places to food rich water bodies. This kind of migration is common in young fish. Because they need a lot of nutrition in the growth process, they will migrate and prey. Through the process of migration, the purpose of baiting can be achieved. 3、 Wintering migration if the bait migration is like the migration of grassland animals, wintering migration is like migratory birds flying to the south in winter. Through migration, fish will find waters with more suitable temperature for survival. Generally, when the water temperature is low, the migration speed will be faster. At the same time, when the water temperature is appropriate, the migration speed will be much slower. 4、 Another reason for migration is the change of water flow. For fish, water flow is an important standard for them to judge whether their location is suitable for living and predation. Once the water flow changes, they will also be forced to find new water bodies, and migration will occur at this time. (YuLeiWeiShenMeYaoHuiYou,YuLeiHuiYouDeYuanYinYouNaXie)