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What water does goldfish use? Can you use tap water

Breeding goldfish can use natural water, such as river or lake water, which has high oxygen content. However, attention should be paid to pollution. If necessary, it can only be used after purification. In addition, some groundwater, such as well water and spring water, can be used. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and other elements, but their temperature is relatively low and can only be used after drying. If it is not convenient to obtain other water, you can also use dried tap water. 1、 What water goldfish use to raise water is indispensable for fish, so water quality is very important for cultured fish. If goldfish live in water with poor water quality, their growth will be very bad, and they may even die. Specifically, there are two categories:

1. Natural water: the first thing you can use is natural water, such as lake water, river water, river water, etc. The water nature of natural water is relatively mild, it contains more microorganisms, oxygen content and nutrition. However, it may contain a lot of impurities, and sometimes it will be polluted by industrial wastewater discharge. Therefore, if these natural water is used, sometimes it must be purified.

2. Groundwater: groundwater can also be used for breeding goldfish, such as well water or spring water. The groundwater contains many elements such as calcium and magnesium, and the hardness is relatively large. This kind of aquaculture fish is also OK. However, the temperature of groundwater is generally low, which is not suitable for the growth of fish. Therefore, before use, you can put it in the sun. 2、 Can you use tap water to raise goldfish? Both natural water and groundwater can be used to raise fish, but it's troublesome to get it. Therefore, recently, people prefer to use tap water to raise fish. Tap water is a kind of soft water, which can also be used to raise fish. However, during purification, a small amount of liquid chlorine and other substances will be added to tap water. Their amount is very low. Generally speaking, they will not cause harm to human body, but they are harmful to goldfish. If you want to use this water to raise fish, you need to remove the chlorine from it first. Generally speaking, chlorine can be removed by sun exposure. In addition, there are some special tools to eliminate chlorine. (JinYuYongShenMeShuiYang,NengYongZiLaiShuiMa)