Sihai network

Tutorial on recovering phone charges beyond traffic

To recover the call fee beyond the traffic, you need to call the platform consultation telephone used for manual consultation. For example, China Telecom can dial 10000 and China Mobile can dial 10086; China Unicom can dial 10010 for manual consultation.

The traffic outside the China Mobile package will be charged at 100MB per 10 yuan and 1GB per 30 yuan, and the insufficient part will be charged at 0.29 yuan / MB, and so on until the traffic is double capped.

The traffic outside the gear package will be 1GB for every 5 yuan, 1GB for every 3 yuan after using 3gb, and the insufficient part will be charged at 0.03 yuan / MB.

Capping rules: the flow gear of 10Gb and above is not limited by the capping rules of 500 yuan and 30g outside the sleeve. After the total flow reaches 200GB every month, the flow use function of the current month shall be stopped and restored next month. (ChaoChuLiuLiangZhuiHuiHuaFeiJiaoCheng)