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Can plums be planted at home

Plums can be grown at home. When planting, plant them in a sunny place. Because only sufficient sunlight can make leaves carry out photosynthesis better. In addition, it can also reduce diseases and pests, make the fruit grow better, and the sweetness of the fruit is also very high. During planting, seedlings with strong plant growth and no pests shall be selected for planting. Root pruning shall be carried out before planting. Bad roots shall be removed and better fibrous roots shall be retained as far as possible before planting. 1、 Can plums be planted at home? Planting plum trees at home is also a good choice, but there are some important precautions in planting. For example, we should pay attention to watering. During their growth period, they should keep the soil humidity and water in time, but they should not be too wet, which will drown the seedling roots. Water every morning and evening in summer and every other day in autumn. It should also be watered with good nutrition. At the same time, the planting season is also very important. Spring planting in the north is the best time. Temperature and climate are conducive to their growth. 2、 How to plant plums 1. Soil requirements: plums have strong adaptability. They can be planted as long as the soil layer is soft and loose and has a certain fertility. However, the requirements for air humidity are high. If the drainage is not timely, it will lead to rotten roots, poor growth and various diseases. Therefore, select the land with good drainage for planting.

2. Pruning treatment: in the vigorous growth stage of plum, there will be many miscellaneous branches and pest branches. Cut off these branches before they bear fruit, which can not only avoid the loss of nutrition, but also improve the ventilation of branches and increase light. When cutting off these branches, it is best to use a detoxified knife for pruning, which can not only prevent the reproduction of diseases and pests, but also help to make the branches recover quickly. The cut branches shall be collected for collective treatment. (LiZiKeYiZaiJiaLiChongMa)