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Can you still drink good Pu'er tea overnight?

Pu'er tea brewed overnight can still be drunk, because Pu'er tea is very foam resistant and of good quality. It will not change much in the tea after making tea overnight at night. However, if it is summer, the Pu'er tea after the next night has obviously changed and the taste is wrong, it is best not to drink it. Whether Pu'er tea can stay overnight? In the impression of many tea lovers, overnight tea can not be drunk. It is likely to breed some substances harmful to the body. Drinking it again will not only worsen the taste, but also have a certain impact on health. Therefore, subconsciously feel that overnight Pu'er tea can not be drunk.

Pu'er tea can continue to be drunk overnight. One of the reasons is that Pu'er tea is very foam resistant and of good quality. If it is made late at night, it is no problem to get up and drink it early in the morning. The changes in the tea will not be greater than that in the daytime. At most, the tea color will become darker and the taste will be stronger.

However, it should be noted that although it can be drunk overnight, if the Pu'er tea has obviously changed after one night in summer and the taste is not right, it is best not to continue drinking and just pour it out.