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How do bananas prevent insects

Banana pest control can take two methods: deep turning orchard and fruit bagging. Both methods can reduce the use of chemicals and reduce environmental pollution while protecting bananas. In addition to controlling pests, these two methods can also promote the growth of bananas. Deep turning of the orchard can also increase the permeability of the soil. Bagged fruits can avoid direct sunlight, thus reducing the probability of sunburn. Moreover, bagging can also keep warm in winter. 1、 How to prevent insects in bananas? There are two methods to prevent insects in bananas: deep turning of orchards and fruit bagging. In winter and early spring, it is necessary to dig the soil deeply to destroy the pests overwintering underground. When deep turning the soil, it can also be combined with pruning bad branches, scraping bark and other operations to kill larvae and reduce the number of pests. The cleared dead branches and bark need to be buried or buried in time.

Fruit bagging is a very effective method to control pests. It can prevent pests from producing on banana fruit and ensure the stable and high yield of banana. When bagging, we should not only pay attention to the lightness of action to avoid damaging the fruit, but also pay attention to the selection of bagging time to prevent affecting the quality of the fruit. 2、 How to maintain bananas 1. Water: bananas are not resistant to water logging or drought. Drought causes bananas to grow slowly. The ponding in the root will cause its leaves to turn yellow and reduce its yield, and may even suffocate and rot the root, leading to the death of bananas. Therefore, the times of watering when planting bananas need to be determined according to the actual soil water content.

2. Soil: in the soil with inconvenient drainage and too heavy viscosity, the growth and development of banana will be hindered to a certain extent, and the soil fertility also has a great impact on the growth of banana. Banana should be planted in soil rich in organic matter, loose, breathable and convenient for drainage and irrigation. (XiangJiaoZenMeFangChong)